Daisy Reward Jar

The reward jar is an exciting and interactive tool that motivates children to embrace positive behavior and cultivate a sense of accomplishment! Designed to inspire and instill a sense of achievement, this exceptional product encourages children to set goals and work towards them.

Inside the reward jar, you'll discover an assortment of tokens that can be earned by children when they display exceptional behavior or complete tasks with enthusiasm. Whether it's finishing homework on time, demonstrating good manners, or achieving personal milestones, each act of progress and achievement is recognized and rewarded.

Watching the tokens accumulate in the jar offers a visually stimulating representation of children's efforts and accomplishments. It becomes a tangible reminder of their hard work and dedication. Witnessing the jar fill up with tokens fosters a sense of pride and motivates children to strive for continuous improvement.

The reward jar is not only an effective tool for parents to teach their children about setting and achieving goals, but it also provides an engaging and entertaining experience for kids to learn and practice positive behavior independently. With each token earned, children will feel a sense of pride and excitement, fostering a positive attitude and an eagerness to engage in further positive actions.

♥ Jar measures approximately 8.5" x 5.5"

♥ Made with stacked layers of birch wood and clear acrylic
♥ Comes with daisies of 4 colors (oat, green, terracotta, and orange sherbert )